Monday, April 1, 2013

My Beliefs

Something bigger than me?  Absolutely.  The Universe is bigger.  The eternity of time and space is bigger.  The Whole is bigger than me.  I absolutely believe that something is bigger than me and every SINGLE creature.

A creator?  I don't know.  I'm skeptical, though.  IF a creator put the Universe in play, I think that's all this Creator did.  No plans.  No micro-managing.

Prayer:  Talking to your soul in loving kindness.  Asking your conscious heart to accept your unconscious desires.  Self-therapy.  Talking to that Higher Power.  Asking for LOVE to fill you (from the Universe).

After-Life:  Sadly, no.  Your body decomposes to the Earth.  You are never YOU again.  You are bits and pieces, particles, energy, atoms that get reorganized reshifted and redistributed to other things.  No gate.  No Heaven.  No clouds with your family members and your old pets.  But I truly wish it were true.  And I completely understand the need to believe this.

Hell:  Luckily, no. 

Karma:  Yeah.  I dig that idea.  Hey, it could happen?!

Mindfulness:  My every day goal.

A God who could both bless your home's inspection, allowing for it to be approved so you could sell your home (Praise him!) but who also would not step in to save the Jews from the Holocaust?  Completely and utterly insane. 

Why would GOD be working in your life in Iowa where you have everything you actually need and so much more and yet be completely off duty while children die in Syria.  What makes you so freaking special? 

The Bible:  Interesting historical document with many ways to examine and explore it.  Completely metaphorical and created with intention, which is exactly the problem. 

The Need for Humans to Believe in Something:  I completely relate.  I completely desire this as well.  The reality of how infinitely small and minute we all are in the scheme of life is overwhelming.  That we have not been plucked from the Earth, amazing, that our loved ones are alive, tremendous, that our loved ones have passed, understandable, it is inevitable.  We are passing time.  Neurosis invades, collective consciousness creates mystical experiences to generate control.  I get it.  It's depressing actually.  Love helps that.  Love love love.  Love.

Love helps all these things.

God = Love

That- is what I believe.

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